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Val Athanassiou Responsible Person


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The objects of the organisation Films4Change are to operate as a not for profit organisation producing films
that educate & contribute to creating awareness of relevant social issues within the community.
The aim is for our films to be accessible at no cost to the consumer and utilised by support groups within
various community organisations & educational settings. We are solely relying on funding from community grants
gifted funds & volunteered skills to produce the films.
The first series of films that we are producing, using a (combination of volunteered skills & grant/gifted funds)
are aiming to educate & create awareness of family domestic violence in society.
The purpose of the films are for community education.
Our objective is to use the short films to feature/highlight/educate audiences on the perspectives of males
involved in domestic violence.
“Men’s violence against women is not just a women’s issue. It’s a social issue. It’s a men’s issue.”
Our long-term aim for the films are that they will be used in support groups, education & other settings
with the view to educating change in men's culture. The key messaging of these films will be addressing
behaviours in men that are abusive with a focus on the positive power of recovery, self-awareness
support & culture change.
In furtherance of our community awareness & education objectives we also intend making the films freely
available at no cost to education programs in Australia that might wish to use them.
Our Work Continues and you can see more at








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