Digital Futures aka Recovery Through Film and Food

Co-Founder Val Athanassiou 

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In 2013 our intention was to create an outlet for expression and a pathway to creativity.

A number of committed and focused facilitators were present; many with lived experience, some without
who offered insight and outlined the exciting possibilities the program could offer, to those who might
identify with the intention that;
"A Journey of Recovery Starts with Action"
Our Goal
Empowering young and old with the enthusiasm, the tools, the guidance and the venue to produce and
showcase their very own films, whilst nourishing body and soul with a simple and practical approach
toward food, lifestyle and healthy eating.
Our Belief
The process should begin with the smallest and most basic of steps irrespective of whether creativity is
being utilised as a medium for simple expression or for a pathway to recovery.
Our work continues and you can see more at


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